Bullshit Candle

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Scented wax candle in a black glass pot.

Volume: 190g/6.7 oz
Average burning time: 40 hours

Top Notes: Sichuan Pepper/Grapefruit/Tangerine
Core Notes: Lavender/Rose/Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Musk/Tonka Bean/Vanilla/Guaiac Wood

Made in France.
Scented wax candle in a black glass pot.Volume: 190g/6.7 ozAverage burning time: 40 hoursTop Notes: Sichuan Pepper/Grapefruit/TangerineCore Notes: Lavender/Rose/Lily of the ValleyBase Notes: Musk/Tonka Bean/Vanilla/Guaiac WoodMade in France.